Key Considerations When Buying Public Liability Insurance Cover

Public liability insurance (PLI) is perhaps one of the most critical covers because businesses operate in a highly litigious environment. Besides protecting you against financial loss from personal injury compensations, PLI covers you against accidental property damage claims. For instance, public liability insurance will cover repair and litigation costs if you are doing roof renovations on your business premises and tiles fall on a public member's car. However, choosing a PLI policy is not as straightforward as you might think. [Read More]

Current Issues Affecting the Trade Insurance Industry

As a business insurance broker, your clients rely on you to provide them with the best advice in as far as business insurance goes. The reason is that today's business environment is uncertain, and businesses are exposed to all kinds of risks. Therefore, having access to the best advice regarding cover is a critical objective of the best performing businesses. For this reason, you must keep yourself updated with information, especially in areas that are currently affecting the industry. [Read More]